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div. of mcc catering
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Mains - Non-Vegan Dishes

  1. Chicken Shawarma: boneless chicken breast seasoned w/special spice, oven baked, comes w/salad, rice and sesame sauce.
  2. Beef or Lamb Shawarma: rib eye beef or lamb leg, served w/rice, salad and sesame sauce.
  3. Kaftabissanieh: extra lean sirloin beef, mixed w/onions, special spices garlic, parsley, and baked w/tomatoes and potatoes, served on rice.
  4. Kibbehbissanieh: minced extra lean sirloin beef, mixed w/fine wheat, special spices, onions, baked w/ground beef, nuts, red onions, garlic, served w/salad.
  5. Roast Lamb: lamb baked w/onions, garlic and herbs, served w/rice, potatoes, salad.

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